Graduating from the University of Liverpool
Graduation is an important occasion - the culmination of all your hard work during your time at the University of Liverpool. It marks the point at which you leave us to make your way in the world.

This portal will provide you with 24/7 access to view all of your official award documentation within one secure environment. Your profile will also have the ability to share your award documentation electronically with Third Parties, including potential employers.
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Following your graduation from the University of Liverpool this portal will be your exclusive access to your digital award certificate and Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). These digital documents will be available on demand 24/7 365 days a year for review by you and third parties.

Encrypted Documentation

All documentation is digitally encrypted with a unique signing certificate from the University of Liverpool. This will allow to both verify document authenticity & to verify document integrity.

Social & Sharing

Along with access to your digital graduation documentation, this portal allows you to support employment prospects or post graduate studies by allowing Third parties to view your documentation. This is completely autonomous with the ability to audit exactly who and when have viewed and validated your graduation documentation.

Employment & Recruitment
This portal will give the ability for all graduating students to share their documents with any third party for employment or further academic purposes. The benefit to both parties is it will allow the autonomous ability to firstly verify a students attendance at the University of Liverpool but also check their qualifications and view the relevant degree documents. The process via this portal will be nearly instantaneous and only documents provided by this portal can be considered valid and legal.